When people set out on an adventure, one thing which consumes a lot of their time is the creation of a packing list. What to bring is an important consideration and that is why people spend so much time worrying about it.

Over time, I’ve worried less and less about what is in my bag. Now I can go pretty much anywhere in the world, throw stuff in a bag and be confident of my choices.

This is mostly due to experience and whittling away everything which is not essential. If something has been in my bag for more than 3 months without me using it, I usually get rid of it.

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  1. Hey Gary,

    Love your blog! Been following for awhile now. I read ages ago that you bought a video camera and it seemed like you did a lot of research befor you bought it. Can you point me to that post, or even just tell me which model you bought and whether you’re happy with it or not? I’m in the market for one now.

    Thanks, enjoy Uluru!

  2. hey there! i love your work and you are truly a hero to me with all these traveling. I am planning to do the same with laptop and camera (canon5d), pro lenses and I wonder if it’s safe to travel in Asia?? I am lil scared!!
    Thank you,

  3. I got a new bag in Australia. My main bag is a 90L with a zip off 15L day pack. I also have a small shoulder bag for my camera.

    Total weight is about 25kg for everything.

  4. Hey Gary,
    What kind of voltage converter/power adapters do you use? I’ve been looking into getting something but I’ve heard horror stories of electronics getting fried. Have you had much luck with these things?

  5. I don’t have a backpack per se. It is more of a duffle bag with some shoulder straps I never use. I usually have my camera bag on my back and sling my main bag over my shoulder if I have to carry both. I’m not totally in love with this set up and I might change it later and get a real backpack.

  6. Hey,
    What kind of backpack do you use? The backpack I have now is pretty good, but doesn’t have a duffle bag type strap. Also, is your bag loadable from the front or do you have to access it from the top?

  7. I’m about to do exactly what you’re doing with even have the same laptop. :) Which bag/backpack do you prefer? How do you keep your laptop safe? Does the laptop limit your activities or have you found ways to keep it safe while you’re out and about?

  8. Awesome amount of kit man!

    I read that you “used your own laptop” at some point in your journey, yet you haven’t included the laptop on this inventory?

  9. Hi,
    One quick question, how did you get out of the USA with a knife? I’m going to Japan in September, and I wanted to have a small swiss utility knife like yours, but they’ll take it away if I get on the plane with it. Did you check it?


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