Forget Obama and McCain. Vote Gary!

Top 10 reasons to vote for me over Omaba or McCain:

    10) More foreign policy experience.
    9) I don’t need no running mate. I’ve been doing it solo for a year and a half.
    8) Unlike Sarah Palin, I have a passport.
    7) Unlike Joe Biden, I write my own material.
    6) I’m younger than McCain and Obama COMBINED! (….wait, that makes no sense)
    5) I’ve seen the movie Maverick AND Hope Floats.
    4) I’m quite certain that I could beat either guy in a debate. (seriously, I could. I’ve doing it since 1984)
    3) Fulfill your obligation to celebrities who want you to vote, without having to choose the lesser evil.
    2) No long lines at the polling station.
    1) Dimples!

    There you have it. This is my last annoying post begging for your vote. Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote and to those who haven’t, you have your assignment. Voting ends on the end of the 15th.


    On some other news, I have an article on on podcasting while traveling, and one at Boots N’ All on the World Heritage sites of the Australian Outback.

    I have my visa to Vietnam and will be leaving Phnom Penh on Friday to Saigon (Ho Chi Min City). I did some photography at the Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng prison. That will be its own post when I process the photos. (and I still have a LOT of photos from Angkor to go through).

5 thoughts on “Forget Obama and McCain. Vote Gary!”

  1. I voted…good luck!

    We just a federal election in Canada and not a dimple was to be found on the ballots here. I'm sure you'd have won by a landslide. ;)

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