Disaster Strikes

All the effort I went through to back up my photos may have been for naught. I took everything to a FedEx/Kinkos store in Sydney to send it back to the US. So far, the package hasn’t been entered into the FedEx system to track packages, and there hasn’t been a charge to my credit card. To the best of my knowledge, no phone calls have been made, no emails have been sent to notify me of a problem. Nor has the package been delivered.

This is highly unusual for FedEx, considering I was told it would be in the system the afternoon I sent it out. The only thing I can think of at this point is that the contents were opened and stolen at the store before it was ever picked up.

Which means that every photo I’ve spend the last year taking has been lost. Gone.

I used FedEx instead of the post office precisely because I could track the package and I have never heard of something like this happening.

I’ve contacted FedEx via thier website, but I don’t know what else to do.

13 thoughts on “Disaster Strikes”

  1. What I would do if I was you (I don’t know your exact situation, so I can just imagine what you could do):
    1) Back everything up onto the Portable Hard Drive (Don’t delete anything from your HDD)
    2) Send it (insurance maybe?)
    3) Once they receive it (if they receive it) delete your backup from your HDD
    3.1) If it was not received…purchase another backup drive and repeat!

    From your new postings it seems like it was found, but since you will do this again, only adding my $0.02USD

  2. I hope I’m wrong. The only reason I am thinking theft is:

    1) It hasn’t been delivered in 10 days.
    2) My credit card hasn’t been charged. I’d think they would take my money even if there something wrong with the tracking system.
    3) If there was an error with paperwork, then I figured they would contact me.

    I know there is customs to go through and other things, but the weight of the evidence points to a problem.

  3. I work for FedEx here in the states, and I can tell you that this sounds more like an error in data entry, not a theft.

    I hope they turn up!

  4. I will cross my fingers for you. Here in the US we expect a high level of customer service from a large company like FedEx and when abroad our eyes are opened as to how poor it can be sometimes. I sure hope they turn up for you!

  5. Having lost photos on my trip, I cry for you…i really do….I felt sick when i lost mine and that was only 500, you must have actually been sick!!!

    sorry man!

  6. I pray to Jesus right now that they are found, tracking number assigned, and on their way, Amen!

  7. I think sometimes they take a while to get into the system. There have been times when I received a package before it’s actually posted on the website, albeit those packages were within the US. I hope they’ll get back home!

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