December in Australia

December 2013 Australia RouteI’m happy to report that I’ll be spending most of the month of December in Australia!

Starting in early December I’ll be embarking on a 3-week long tour of Australia with G Adventures. This tour will be the 5th continent I will have traveled to with G Adventures and my longest trip with them to date.

I’ve been to Australia six times now, but my first and biggest trip to Australia was back in 2008 when I spent almost 5 months in the country and visited every state and capital city. I drove from Melbourne to Cairns and from Darwin to Perth. I even took a bus from Adelaide to Alice Springs.

I’m often asked if I revisit places I’ve been before, and the answer is a resounding YES! Most of the stops on this trip are places I visited in 2008, but it was under different circumstances. My photos from 2008 were OK, but I have a much better idea of what I’m doing now. Also, after years of daily photos, I’ve pretty much run out of decent photos of Australia to post on my site. So if nothing else, I’ll be able to restock my portfolio with Australia images.

Photography aside, I also like revisiting amazing places. I don’t know why someone would ever pass up the opportunity to visit places like Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef or Sydney Harbor, even if they had been there before.

Here is my schedule of where I’ll be on what days.

Dec 3-7 South Australia
Dec 8-9 Sydney
Dec 10-11 Byron Bay
Dec 12 Whitsunday Islands
Dec 13 Whitsunday Islands/Airlie Beach
Dec 14 Cairns
Dec 15-16 Port Douglas
Dec 17 Cairns/Alice Springs
Dec 18-19 Uluru
Dec 20 Coober Pedy
Dec 21-22 Port Augusta
Dec 23-24 Adelaide
Dec 25 Grampians National Park
Dec 26 Great Ocean Road/Warrnambool
Dec 27 Great Ocean Road/Melbourne
Dec 28 Melbourne
Dec 31 Sydney

If you are in Australia and will be in any of the cities as I’ll be passing through, let me know. Maybe we can meet up.

During December I’ll be doing several Google+ Hangouts with people from the various states I’ll be visiting as well sharing tons of photos via Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

I am also going to be an CorOZpondent (get it?) for Australia Tourism. You will be able to see my updates on the various social media outlets for Tourism Australia.

18 thoughts on “December in Australia”

  1. I noticed you aren’t visiting Tasmania? I am originally from Tasmania and I can tell you it is an absolutely beautiful state and really worth a look.

  2. I pity you for having to travel through Australia’s hottest December in 80 years! SA got to a nice balmy 45-47! (Celsius)

  3. What an awesome opportunity to go to Australia for a 3 week adventure. Even though this isn’t your first time, I’m sure you will still come back with some beautiful photographs.

  4. Nice plan and I like how you chose a not so standard route. Grampians is must, try climbing or absailing mount Arapiles.

    Just out of curiosity, where do you get your map photos? Do you make them yourself, they’re nice, simple and easy on the eye. I could use those in office presentations.


  5. this looks awesome! I imagine it will be much better than the frigid cold we are getting in Northern WI right now! Can’t wait to read about your time in Australia. We will be arriving in March and will be spending 6 weeks there. :)

  6. Great time of year to get down under. Not a small distance you’re covering either! Are you hitting up anything you missed from the 08 trip?

  7. Sounds like an awesome trip Gary! Did you design the map/infographic? Love that and would love to create something like that for my travels.

  8. Hi Gary, we enjoy following your travels online and would love to say g’day when you’re in Melbourne. Please let us know where you are doing a meet & greet with your fellow travel lovers, as it would be great to meet you. Cheers.

    • Pete & Alli, I’ll be in Melbourne after Christmas for several days.

      I have enough people interested that I will probably host a meet up in Melbourne. Details to come.

  9. You’re going to all my favourite places! Whitsundays, Uluru, Melbourne. Did you visit Coober Pedy before? It’s… strange. I went as a teenager and wasn’t too keen on it but now I want to revisit it.

    I’m gonna be in Melbourne all through December, so I’d love to pop into the city if you’re doing a meet up.

  10. I’m in Brisbane. Looks like you don’t have much time here though! If you need anything let me know.

  11. That’s a cool trip! We are in Brisbane so maybe u’ll find some time to meet us. It’ll be great! Enjoy Australia :) Juli + Sam.

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