Guide to the Megalithic Temples of Malta

Megalithic Temples of Malta UNESCO World Heritage Site

There are human artifacts older than the megaliths in Malta—cave paintings, pottery fragments, etc.—however, no structures on Earth (that we yet know of) are older than Malta’s impressive megalithic temples. That fact alone makes this an incredibly important world heritage site worth visiting. There are several monolithic structures around the islands of Malta and Gozo. …

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City of Valletta, Malta

City of Valletta UNESCO World Heritage Site, Malta

From the World Heritage inscription: Valletta is pre-eminently an ideal creation of the late Renaissance with its uniform urban plan, inspired by neo-Platonic principles, its fortified and bastioned walls modeled around the natural site, and the voluntary implantation of great monuments in well-chosen locations. The capital of Malta is one of the rare urban inhabited …

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Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum

?al Saflieni Hypogeum UNESCO World Heritage SIte

From the World Heritage inscription: ?al Saflieni Hypogeum is a cultural property of exceptional prehistoric value. This unique monument dates back to early antiquity (about 2500 BC) and it is the only known example of a subterranean structure of the Bronze Age. The hypogeum was discovered accidentally in 1902 by a stonemason who was laying …

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Traveling in Malta

Today’s guest post is from Linda Martin of the Indie Travel Podcast. The Indie Travel Podcast is has been nominated in the 2009 Lonely Planet awards for Best Travel Podcast. When travellers think about where to visit in Europe, Malta isn’t usually top of the list. In fact, I’d never considered Malta as a destination …

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