The Road to Bali

My journey to the Sangiran Early Man Site was a bit of a let down to say the least. It was by far the least impressive World Heritage Site I’ve seen so far. It consisted of a museum with two rooms of fossils and fossil replicas in glass cases. That’s it. They are working on …

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Don’t Say I Never Did Anything For You

Thanks to everyone who sent me emails. I was surprised at how lengthy most of them were. Postcards have been sent to the following people: Scott, Minneapolis, MN Wendy, Springboro, OH Cheyanne, Durham, NC Annie, Murrieta, CA Ben, Bloomington, IL Matthew, Appleton, WI Gunter, Belgium Saumel, Switerland Denise, NSW, Australia Sherry, New York, NY Wayne, …

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That Is Some Good Java

I’m alive in Yogyakarta in central Java. I did the most dangerous thing on my trip today. I flew an Indonesian discount airline. The flight from Jakarta to Yogyakarta was $29 with taxes. The plane was packed, and they fly pretty much on the hour. Pramabanan and Borobudur are the two big ruins nearby. Either …

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Nuff Said

Bali 81°F/27°C Minneapolis -6.9°F/-21.6°C, -31°F/-35°C Wind Chill

Borobudur: Icon of Indonesia

Iconic symbols are a theme I will be referring to often. For example, when you think of Paris, what image comes to mind? Probably the Eiffel Tower. Rome? The Colosseum. London? Big Ben. New York, LA, San Fransisco? The Statue of Liberty, the Hollywood Sign, and the Golden Gate Bridge. I can go on and …

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