Back from the outback

I’m back from my trip to Uluru. We slept under the stars (literally), and froze our asses off. The swing in temperature in the desert is really crazy. It went from -3C (30F) to 21C (70F) in a single day. It is a reoccuring theme with me, but I am not equipped to deal with cold weather. A sweatshirt and a long t-shirt isn’t really cold weather gear.

My legs are sore and when I got back to Alice, I had dirt in places dirt should never see, and had odors which could kill animals.

I leave for Darwin in a few hours, where I’ll finally be out of the “cold”. I’ve been wearing a stocking hat and long pants for the past month since I’ve been to Perth and Adelaide. I’ll be in Darwin only a day or two before I head to Singapore. I’ll write a more in-depth review of my time in the outback when I’m on the plane (I’m on a internet kiosk right now).