My #Awesome #BlogHouseDetroit Experience!!! #OMG!!!

This is the #bloghouse where I spent a week with several #amazing #bloggers in #Detroit!
I just finished up the most incredible week in #Detroit with the #AwesomeBlogger Media group where we learned about #blogging, #socialmedia and #monetization. We also got to visit one of the best cities in the world: #Detroit!

The house was packed with an #All-Star line up of #Bloggers. The instructors were some of the most internet famous travel people in the #WORLD. Many of them have appears of such sites as #Matador or the #HuffingtonPost! The whole week was tots cray cray!

Here were some of the #bloggers in attendance:

  • Stuart from He is FAMOUS from his #YouTube videos of binge drinking in hostels throughout South East Asia.
  • Jenny from came all the way from #Windsor, #Ontario! She has been traveling around the world for 3 years with #Canadian #flags on every single item she owns!
  • Greta, a #German blogger who blogs at She works full time and travels on the 300 days a year of #vacation and #holiday time she get from her job.
  • Alex from flew in from some small island country that didn’t have an #incometax.
  • Miranda from She has specialized in visiting #orphanages around the world and having her picture taken with brown children.
  • Chuck from He has traveled to over 30 developing countries, teaching people how to run a #passive #lifestyle #designed #location #independent #business.
  • Queenie from She backpacks while wearing…..a bikini!
  • Edith from She is one of the world’s foremost authority on minivan glamping
  • .

Here are many of the #photos from the #trip:

We learned how do realistic #HDR #photography .
We learned that every good blogger should take a photo of everything they eat, always. #foodporn
We learned that success on #Facebook means publishing lots of inspirational quotes you didn’t say on photos you didn’t take.

Overall it was a #fantastic experience. The people, the food and the architecture of Detroit are all things I’ll remember for ever!

I have one request of everyone. I’m in a contest where if I get the most votes, I get a free trip to Flint, Michigan.


19 thoughts on “My #Awesome #BlogHouseDetroit Experience!!! #OMG!!!”

  1. If people are really desperate for drugs, they can smoke all of the #hashtags off your tweets! ;P

  2. Brilliant! A perfect blend of humour, sarcasm and hashtags! I much prefer the first two but indeed you should #usemorehashtags! All cool kids do it! #lol

  3. Exploring slums can still be a great experience – unique, adventurous, but I guess I’d shiver as I’d enter such an area!

  4. Gary, you are welcome back to the real BlogHouses anytime you want. But this time…. you need to bring some beer for everyone ;)

  5. #OMG So glad you learned so much #Gary. It’s #heartwarming! Can’t wait for more shots of your #food and perhaps you in a #bikini… I’m sure you picked up some great tips from Queenie! :) PS. I think you should use more #hashtags – they suit you!

  6. Now I don’t usually comment on blogs, but I have to make an exception now as you had me laugh out so hard here Gary. Too funny! Actually, I’m still laughing. Going to read it again now. Whahaha.

  7. So glad I listened to TWIT this morning or I would have forgotten to come and look.

    Next year perhaps you could tour US cities with misprounced European names. (Ex. everybody knows the French blew and Hoosiers get it right when pronouncing the long a in “Versailles”)

  8. I think the best part of April Fool’s Day is waiting for your annual spoof post. Hilarious list of bloggers in attendance. LOL

  9. Bwahaha! Those look like some snazzy digs. Minivan gloaming’s a thing? I totally have to get in on that trend. Good one, Gary.

  10. Your April Fool’s post are always so funny! no difference this time!
    Loving the photo of the 5 star hotel you stayed at. Oh the glamorous life of a traveller isn’t it? I hope it was all inklusiv ;)

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