Ascending the Summit

I’m am writing this from base camp.

Tomorrow I make the final push to the summit of Mount Kosciuszko, the highest peak on the Australian continent. Unlike Everest base camp, you don’t see as many tents and oxygen bottles here. Also, there are no sherpas. To climb Kosy, you have to carry your own gear. I didn’t bring my ice axe or my crampons, so I’ll have to improvise. They call these the Snowy Mountains after all. People have died on Kosciuszko. I won’t lie. This might be my last post. If it is, I’ll make sure to line up two weeks of daily photos for your entertainment.

Wish me luck.

Disclaimer: Most of the vertical distance covered on Mount Kosciuszko is via a ski lift. The current temperature in the area is in the 80sF (30C). I think the person who died on the summit was fat and old and had a heart attack. “Base Camp” is really an out of season ski lodge. The elevation of the Mount Kosciuszko summit is a little more than the average elevation of the entire state of Colorado.