48 Hours

If you are reading this between noon on April 9th to noon on April 11th, I’m sitting in a chair on the Sunset Limited between San Antonio and Los Angeles.

I decided to take the train for no other reason than I’ve never taken a long train trip before, and this was a great opportunity to do it. The trip from Dallas to LA is 48 hours with a 7 hour layover in San Antonio.

Other than the novelity of taking the train, there is really no reason for anyone to ever take a long train trip. If all you care about is price, take the bus. If you want to get there fast, you take a plane. The train sits in a no-mans land between bus and plane. It costs almost as much as a plane trip, but takes as long (or longer) than a bus trip. While 48 hours on a train can be more comfortable and have better scenery than a bus, its still a 48 hour trip. If I wanted to upgrade to a room with a bed, I’m going to pay more than a flight.

As it is, I’ll have to sleep two nights in a chair on a train.

The trip also takes about 10 hours to get from Dallas to San Antonio which I don’t understand, because its a four hour drive. From what I can gather from the Amtrak site, there are no stops between Dallas and San Antonio other than Fort Worth.

I’m guessing my next update will be one or more updates written from the train with a ton of photos.