Showing Up In A Foreign City With No Place To Stay

I’m often asked by readers how much planning I put into a place before I visit. The truth is, very little. Mostly I just show up and often I will show up with out a place to stay. As I write this I am sitting in Barcelona where I arrived two days ago. When I landed at the airport I had no room reserved.

The idea of showing up in foreign city with no place to stay terrifies some people. Some are just anal retentive and need to have everything they do planned out in advance. Others fret about the worst case scenario: what if I can’t find a place to say and I have to sleep on the street!

The fact is, you can show up to most cities in the world on most days and easily find an affordable place to stay. There are some exceptions but for the most part, it is something that you shouldn’t be afraid of doing.

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1,827 Photos Later….

My first daily photo posted on Nov. 24, 2007
My first daily photo posted on Nov. 24, 2007
On November 24, 2007 I decided to post a photo to my website. It was an image I took of Tarawa Atoll, Kiribati out of the window as my plane was landing early in the morning.

The next day I posted another photo, as I did the day after that, the day after that and the day after that.

Saturday marked the 5th anniversary of my daily photo. It means that I’ve posted an image from my travels every day for half a decade, or 1,827 days in a row.

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November 2012 Questions & Answers

Old Mailbox on the Isle of Man
Old Mailbox on the Isle of Man
It is time once again to open up the mail bag and answer the deep, burning questions that will change the course of history. Future generations will make required reading of the answers I provide here today. Wise men will use these answers to solve the riddles which have vexed humanity for eons. Parents will name their children after those whose questions were answered. Internet memes will probably be stem from the words I type.

Ladies and gentleman, I give to you my November questions and answers!!

Terry Westerbeke asks: What is the most efficient way to travel with cell phones? Pay as you go, purchasing sim cards for each country you visit or some other method?

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16 Photos Which Will Make You Board A Plane to Visit Prague

I visited Prague in 2011 as part of a trip I took through Central Europe. Having been spared much of the worst of WWII and put in a state of arrested development during the Cold War, Prague has one of the best preserved old cities in all of Europe. It has served as the backdrop for many period films such as Amadeus and Immortal Beloved. While no longer the low-cost destination it was after the fall of communism, it is still one of my favorite cities and one of the most visited cities in Europe.

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