Out of (South) Africa

One of my many firsts in South Africa was my first hot air balloon flight
One of my many firsts in South Africa was my first hot air balloon flight
After 32 hours of airports and airplanes, I am back from South Africa.

The last 10 days have were an amazing experience and I have to give a big thanks to South Africa Tourism for the opportunity to visit a country which had been high on my list of places to visit.

Here is a short list of some of the things I did and saw in South Africa:

  • Went swimming with great white sharks
  • Visited my 123rd UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Went on my first hot air ballon flight
  • Took an overnight train from Cape Town to Johannesburg
  • Went rafting on the Orange River
  • Visited the 2nd largest waterfall in Africa: Augrabies Falls
  • Witnessed the live capture of a sable antelope which included a vet shooting a tranquilizer dart from a helicopter
  • Saw zebras, giraffes, multiple species of antelope, seals and penguines
  • Got kissed by an elephant (which is more action than I’ve gotten in years)
  • Got enough frequent flyer miles to make it to the Premier level of the United frequent flyer program

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South Africa Update

I’ve only been in South Africa for a few days, but it seems as if I’ve been here a week. I’ve already taken hundreds of photo and I’m sure I’ll be taking 100’s more before I leave. So far, in just the few days I’ve been here I went on a safari, got to take …

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My Most Frequently Asked Question

Only 12 human beings have set foot on the Moon...and that is all they've talked about since.
Exactly twelve human beings have walked on the moon.

That’s it.

One dozen representatives of our species have escaped the clutches of the Earth’s gravity and walked upon another celestial body. For a brief period of time, these twelve men experienced something no other humans have experienced before or since.

After their short time on the lunar surface they all returned to Earth to something they had to suffer every single day for the rest of their god damn life: people asking them what it was like to walk on the moon.

A guy like Neil Armstrong exchanged 45 minutes of moon walking for a life time of every single person he’d meet for the rest of his life all asking him about those 45 minutes.

I am nothing close to being an astronaut, but like an astronaut I am well traveled and I have also found that I am being asked the same question almost every single day.

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Anatomy Of A Road Trip….or, Living Out Of A Car

This is my car. There are many others like it but this one is mine.
This is my car. There are many others like it but this one is mine.
On September first of 2009 I set out on a 3 month trip of the American and Canadian West. In those three months I put on about 13,000 miles and visited 2 provinces and 25 states.

On July 28 of this year, I headed out for a month to visit the Canadian Atlantic Provinces. On this trip I visited 6 provinces and 16 states and drove over 6,000 miles.

At some point during this last trip I realized that I had spent 4 months of the last year traveling and living out of my car. An entire third of a year road tripping.

Toss in over a month and a half of driving through Australia and three weeks of driving around New Zealand, and I’ve spent almost half a year of my last three and a half years of traveling in a car.

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