Living Under A State of Emergency

I began writing this post last night but had to delete everything once the bullets starting flying around 6-8pm Bangkok time. After a month of redshirt protests in Bangkok, things have finally come to a head. The protests thus far had been peaceful and the government has seen no real need to negotiate seriously with …

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Visa Run

One of the things you have to deal with when living a globe-hopping nomadic lifestyle is the issue of visas. When you enter into a country you only have a set amount of time you can stay. As an American, for most countries I enter as a tourist I get 90 days. In Thailand, unless …

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This Week In Travel – Episode 33

This week’s guest was Robert Reid of Lonely Planet who was fresh off his performance earlier in the day on the Today Show. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts

Free iPad Travel Wallpapers

In honor of the release of the Apple iPad (which I will not get to see for another month) I’ve released a series of iPad wallpapers. Just click on the image to access the full size wallpaper. Save it to your iPad then set it as your wallpaper. Let me know if you install it …

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New Washington Times Photo Essay

My new photo essay is now up on the It is a look at my time in Jerusalem during Holy Week 2009. Being in Jerusalem during Holy Week was an amazing experience and one of the highlights of my three years of travel. It includes photos from the Western Wall, the Good Friday procession …

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Sooooo…..I got married

A lot has happened to me in the last 48 hours. Things which will dramatically effect my future travels, this blog, and the rest of my life. I got married. Two days ago I had no idea I’d be writing this. My life has literally been a whirlwind and I haven’t really had time to …

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