Those of you who are reading this on the website can already tell something is afoot. If you are reading this via RSS, take a second to go over to the website to see what is up.

I’ve had some time in Kuala Lumpur to do something of the changes I’ve been meaning to make to the website for months. The old WordPress theme I’ve been using had a lot of drawbacks. While I did get a lot of compliments on the look, it made the site less than optimal. The spaces between columns were too big, so I couldn’t use space efficiently. The rounded edges meant that every time you hit the page, there were tons of small images which had to be downloaded. The navigation was buried down below the fold. The background images and the code associated with them were huge, and to top it off, the theme was no longer being developed, so as newer versions of WordPress came out, the theme couldn’t take advantage of them.

What you see now isn’t final, but it is functional enough to go with. There are a bunch of little things I need to fix, but its 2am here and I need to go to bed.

If you have any suggestions or find any problems, let me know. I may have to make some changes to past content. I’ll also get a better header image at some point.