Those of you who are reading this on the website can already tell something is afoot. If you are reading this via RSS, take a second to go over to the website to see what is up.

I’ve had some time in Kuala Lumpur to do something of the changes I’ve been meaning to make to the website for months. The old WordPress theme I’ve been using had a lot of drawbacks. While I did get a lot of compliments on the look, it made the site less than optimal. The spaces between columns were too big, so I couldn’t use space efficiently. The rounded edges meant that every time you hit the page, there were tons of small images which had to be downloaded. The navigation was buried down below the fold. The background images and the code associated with them were huge, and to top it off, the theme was no longer being developed, so as newer versions of WordPress came out, the theme couldn’t take advantage of them.

What you see now isn’t final, but it is functional enough to go with. There are a bunch of little things I need to fix, but its 2am here and I need to go to bed.

If you have any suggestions or find any problems, let me know. I may have to make some changes to past content. I’ll also get a better header image at some point.

7 thoughts on “C-C-C-Changes”

  1. Great new look to your site!

    Only one request – on the individual entry pages, it would be great to have some forward/back navigation, rather than needing to go to the home page each time.

    Thanks for sharing all your adventures!

  2. Good work Gary. It’s loading SO MUCH faster and (with a few tweaks) looks really clean.

    Just a first critical thought (haven’t had time to play yet) but can I suggest an introductory paragraph above the right-column google ad? A new visitor will have little idea what this site’s about. what do you think?

    Twitter updates are overflowing left sidebar too.

    I hope you’re crappiness leaves soon. Flush it out!

  3. Looks like there may be some problem with the plugin you’re using to run your podcasts. The Podcast category page looks messed up!


  4. The separation between actual posts and items like the scorecard looked very sharp before. Things don’t stand out from each other quite enough in the current layout. I would really consider some type of border or different background colors, even if it adds a few kB to the site. This comment is purely on aesthetics – the function is still great I’m sure.

  5. Hello,

    Also the in the map section, the map is overlapping…

    The past theme was super :( … but I guess when you finish with this one it will look even better the past one :)

    I have done recently a change of image to my blog too and I’m pretty satfisfied of it… I guess we must change from time to time :)

    See ya!

  6. Congrats on the new layout!

    First bug: the “If you’re new here” RSS bar right below this post is overlapping the Travel Scorecard part of the left sidebar.

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