All Seriousness Aside…

There are no things in life more serious than the internet and traveling. Put them together and you get something more serious than a heart attack in the middle of a church service.

So I’m back in Sydney now where I can once again wear sandals and short and not worry about freezing.

My goal here for the next few days is to:

1) reduce the weight of my bags by a few more kg. My check in weight going to Tasmania was 14.6kg which is about 3kg less than what I have been carrying in my big bag (that includes my tripod). I still have some crap I can get rid of including a spoon I purchased in Japan I hardly ever use, DVDs of photos I should send home, a cheap set of headphones I hardly use for Skype, and an old iPod I use for backing up photos. I need to try and get my bag under 14kg if I want to take everything to Lord Howe

2) Get my onward plans taken care of. Ideally I want to fly to Lord Howe and then fly back to Brisbane. I’m going there anyhow, so if I can get my return flight there, it will make things easy and save some money.

3) Get the first episode of the podcast up. Yes, I haven’t forgotten about it.

My Tasmania expedition was less than I had hoped it would be. I know there is only so much you can do in three days, but having one of my day trips canceled really put a dent in things. I did end up going to the top of Mount Wellington and Mount Field, petting a Koala, seeing a Tasmanian Devil, and got snowed on.

BTW, I have been waiting since June to do the post from earlier today :)

This Is My Last Blog Post Ever

Another Person
Revels In Love For Others
Only Loves Self..

– Plutaricart, 176 B.C.

This website originally began as a joke. I never intended it would get this popular and would gain the following it has. As the months have passed I have had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. It is time to let everyone know the truth:

I’ve been living a lie. I haven’t been traveling around the world. In fact over the last 9 months, I haven’t even left my house.

Me, the real Roy Dewitt
Me, the real Roy Dewitt
My real name is Roy Dewitt. I’m 47 years old and live off disability in Macon, Georgia. I’ve never even left the United States.

I originally started this site as a way to pretend what it would be like to travel. Traveling around the world was always my life’s dream. I was involved in a construction accident 16 years ago and since then I ballooned to 400 pounds. With the injury and weight gain, I am unable to leave the house now.

Travel is something I’ve always wanted to do. I took some photos from different people on Flickr and started to write as If I was traveling.

Eventually more people started reading the website so I found the website of a some guy from Eastern Europe who was traveling and I just followed where he was going and wrote about the adventures I thought he would be having. Gary is just a fictitious character who embodies all which men want to be, and all women want to be with.

One thing lead to another and the next thing you know, I have thousands of people reading this site every month.

I eventually told my pastor about what I was doing and he said I should come clean before someone gets hurt. I was getting too many emails from women who were attracted to the adventurous, macho, modern day Indiana Jones character which I had created in Gary. I was wrong of me to put such a strong, intelligent and attractive persona on the internet.

Now that I’ve come clean, I hope that everyone can forgive me.

Good Bye, Roy