Still in Kagoshima

I`m still in Kagoshima. I finally got to upload a few photos, but only a fraction of what I`ve taken. I also found a solution to my wireless problem. There are plenty of wireless net access points in Japan, but you have to pay for all of them. I just purchased a Boingo account which should solve my problems for Japan and Korea. Pretty much every McDonald`s uses Boingo and a ton of other places.

The last few days have been frustrating. I`ve broken the strap on my sandals, been unable to get net access, and haven`t been able to speak with a single person in days. I`ve encountered ZERO other people traveling in this area and haven`t met a single person who speaks English. Thankfully, you don`t need to speak a language to buy things.

I also have no idea how to get out of the Japanese character mode on Japanese keyboards