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If you keep an active travel blog, just email your URL to ( with TRAVEL BLOG DIRECTORY as the subject.

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Best of the Best

I’ve been blogging and traveling for the better part of a decade now. The following blogs are by people who have passed the test of time. They are all experienced travelers and I have met all of them on the road during my travels.

  • A Little Adrift – Shannon O’Donnell is a National Geographic Traveler of the Year. I also traveled with her in South Africa, Lesotho, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Shannon is simply amazing.
  • Amateur traveler – Chris Christensen is my co-host of This Week in Travel and his podcast is one of the oldest and most popular travel podcasts on the internet.
  • Lee Abbamonte – Lee has visited everything country in the world. Nuff said. I’ve had Sangria with Lee in Spain and went to see Muay Thai boxing with him in Thailand.
  • Legal Nomads – I first met Jodi Ettenberg in 2010 in Bangkok. I’ve since met her in many other countries all over the world. She loves soup.
  • Ottsworld – Sherry is a photographer from the midwest who ditched her corporate job to travel around the world. I met her on 3 continents and counting.
  • The Planet D – Deb and Dave are a Canadian couple who run one of the most popular travel blogs in the world. I’ve met Deb and Dave on 4 continents. They are also two time Lowell Thomas winners.
  • Runaway Juno – Originally from Seoul, Juno has been traveling around the world for years. I had the pleasure to travel with her on a trip in the Namib desert in 2013.
  • Uncornered Market – Dan and Audrey are and American couple who have been traveling for the better part of a decade. Now living in Berlin, they have taken the time to visit many of the places which few people visit.
  • Wandering Earl – Derek (aka Earl) has been traveling for longer than anyone I know. He has been to places like Iraq and Yemen which few people bother to visit.

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