Mis Cuatro Amigos

Posted: May 11, 2007    Categories: Site News

There are a lot of dogs which run free on Easter Island. They aren´t feral dogs, they´re quite time actually, but no one owns them. They sort of just run all over and occasionally run up to a person and walk with them for a while.

While taking photos today, I was sitting on the grass waiting for some clouds to pass and one dog came up to me, laid down and rested his head on my leg like he was mine. I guess for about fifteen minutes, he was mine. I tried to play catch with him with a ball I’ve been carrying around with me. He would run after the ball no problem, but had issues with running back with the ball and giving it up.

Later I ran into a puppy which was hiding behind a small statue. It started barking at me trying to defend its little puppy turf. I just stood there and eventually he cautiously came over to sniff me. Next thing you know, I had a new friend. A about a hundred feet away there were three more puppies all of the same size. They must have all been from the same litter. Once they saw the one puppy running around with me, they all joined in and nibbled at my boots and licked my legs. If I stepped up a little stone wall, they´d climb all over themselves to get up the wall.

I set up my video camera to take some footage of me and my new four friends. I should have a short clip of it up when I get the rest of my Easter Island footage up. The puppies followed me for close to a mile until I ran into a couple walking on the path. Then the puppied abruptly abandoned me and followed them.

Oh well….

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