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Scottevest Cotton-T Overview

A t-shirt is not a complicated piece of clothing. In fact it is hard to find clothing which is more simple. Despite Scottevest’s reputation for jackets, their cotton t-shirt has become my favorite every day article of clothing. I have worn the Cotton-T on six continents and it has become a staple of my travel wardrobe.

The reasons I like it are very different than the reasons I like the jackets.

As I noted, a t-shirt is pretty simple. There are only 2 real Scottevest touches that the t-shirts have:

  1. A prominent zipper in the front, left shoulder.
  2. A more recessed zipper in the lower right.

The front shoulder pocket is advertised as being for an iPod, but honestly I have never used it for that purpose. The best uses I’ve found for it include holding business cards, hotel room keys, receipts and cash/credit cards. Small, flat objects which wont be noticeable.

I have also used the shoulder zipper when I have been taking photos in cold weather. I keep a spare camera battery there where it can be placed close to my body to keep it warm. Putting a battery in an outer jacket pocket might be a bit easier, but if the batter is cold it wont function as well.

I don’t use the bottom right pocket nearly as much, but it is very handy if you have a pair of sunglasses or a bottle of water that you don’t want to put in your pants pocket or if it is too warm to wear a jacket.

While the pockets are handy, they are not the primary reason I like this shirt.

The main reason I like the shirt is the fit and neckline. I’ve worn many t-shirts on my travels. Eventually they all become loose and wear out with sagging neck lines. So far, I have yet to have a Scottevest Cotton-T wear out on me. Not only are they made from a thicker material than most t-shirts, the neckline is better fitting, which also makes them look better. I have yet to have a Scottevest Cotton-T suffer from any fading, stretching or develop holes.

I pretty much wear the Cotton-T or a Q-Zip (or both) every single day. If you buy one, I’d suggest just getting 2-4 because you will wear them that often.

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