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North American National Park #8 – Olympic National Park, Washington

Posted by on June 9, 2014

North American National Park #8 - Olympic National Park, Washington

North American National Park #8 – Olympic National Park, Washington

Olympic doesn’t have level of notoriety as Yellowstone or Yosemite, but perhaps it should. It is one of the most visually stunning and unique national parks in all of North America.

Located in the Olympic Peninsula, it isn’t located near any large metropolitan areas which reduces the number of tourists. The Olympic Mountains aren’t the largest mountains, but their location along the Pacific Coast means that they get a tremendous amount of rain and snowfall.

The eastern slope of the mountains are much like any mountain area you would find in the Rockies or Sierras. The western slope, however, gets a tremendous amount of rain, which makes that region one of the few temperate rainforests in the world. The trees (and everything to be honest) on the western side are covered in moss which flourishes in this wet environment.

This also just happens to be near the town of Forks, which is the setting of the Twilight books. Sadly, it probably attracts more vampire fans than nature fans.

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The Many Faces of Uluru

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Uluru is one of the most iconic images of Australia, which is odd because there really is no one image of Uluru. Every angle you look at it is different from the last. Every hour of the day, the color of the rock changes depending on the light. Not only does the look of it change, it doesn’t even have one name! Also known as Ayer’s Rock, Uluru is the traditional aboriginal name and also the name it goes by today.

I had the pleasure of visiting Uluru twice, once in winter 2008 and summer 2013. During my first trip, temperatures dipped below freezing. On my second trip, temperature reached 115F (43.3C). Not even the weather is the same!

This photo essay was very different for me in that it consists of multiple images of a single subject, with images taken five years apart. If you have been to Uluru, your photos probably look totally different from mine. It is a place that I’m always willing to revisit because I know it will always be different.