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August 2013 Desktop Wallpaper


August 2013 Desktop Wallpaper

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  1. vidyasagar says:

    A lovely picture.
    Have just visited Niagara Falls and the cave falls in addition to Maid of the Mist.
    I love nature and this is a perfect Wall Paper reflecting modernity with nature.

  2. sendaiben says:

    This is the first of the wallpaper photos that has a person in them, and personally I don’t like it. Love the series, love the concept, but would prefer not to have people as the main focus.

    It makes it much harder to set as a wallpaper on computers at work, for instance.

    Not a complaint so much as a request for the future :)

  3. Jack Kent says:

    Wow! I just love that photo. This is just so perfect splashing effect. Wonderful falls you had out there. It just wanted me to check this place right away. I so envy the person standing out there. The place is so enchanting. Can I where this falls is located?

  4. Stunning photos – perfect composition

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