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Nikola Tesla Statue in Zagreb, Croatia

Nikola Tesla Statue in Zagreb, Croatia

Nikola Tesla Statue in Zagreb, Croatia

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  1. Tesla says:

    Your MessaRomanians say that Tesla was Romanian, Croats say that Tesla was Croat, Albanians say that Tesla was Albanian, American say Tesla was American. The fact is Nikola Tesla was a pure Serb.

    Here are some historical FACTS

    Nikola Tesla was born in “Austro-Hungary empire in 1856 ” NOT Croatia”, Croatia did not exist as a state in 1856 when Tesla was born. So it’s impossible for him to be a Croat.

    The Independent state of Croatia was a WWII puppet state of Nazi Germany established on a part of axis occupied Yugoslavia. Croatia was founded on 10 April 1941, after the invasion of Yugoslavia by the Axis powers.

    Nikola Tesla’s father Milutin Tesla he was Serbian Orthodox priest he was born in Raduc, county Medak, Lika, on February 19 1819. The Serbs came to Raduc from around Knin in the 1690s, having arrived there from western Serbia, via Hercegovina.

    Tesla’s mother Djuka Mandic (Tesla) was born in Tomingaj daughter of Nikola Mandic (1800 -1863), a Serbian Orthodox priest in Gracac, and the grandfather of Toma Budisavljevic (1777 – 1840), another priest, who was also a military commander. Djuka was the oldest of eight children.

    Nikola Tesla’s baptism certificate reports that he was born on June 28 (Julian calendar; July 10 in the Gregorian calendar) 1856, and christened by the Serbian orthodox priest, Toma Oklobdzija. Tesla was baptised in the old Slavonic church rite. His baptism certificate is in his museum in Belgrade and birth certificate on his birth certificate says he was born in Austro-Hungary empire. It does NOT have Croatia on his birth certificate.

    This is what Tesla said when he visited Belgrade
    In Belgrade in 1892 Nikola Tesla said “I am happy to be a Serb and I will always be proud of it.” We, all Serbs are proud of you, proud of what you have done for a better world. Thank you. We’ll never forget you.

    Hours which I spent among them in Belgrade that are truly the most beautiful.
    Hours of my life is great and my glory was in London and in Paris, but what are all these feelings for what I feel, which I then felt it my best shows to me with those people other associated links and other links are Serbian blood of my.

    Serbian song Tamo Daleko ( Far Away) was performed as Tesla’s last wish at his memorial.

    Tesla liked to read Serbian history and about Serbian heroes he was proud of Serbian heroes this is true, he mentioned this in his book several times that he was proud to be a Serb” For anyone that don’t believe this you are more than welcome to read his books.

    Also Don’t forget that Croats, twice destroyed Nikola Tesla’s birth house and the Orthodox church in 1941 and then again during the civil war in former Yugoslavia in 1991 in which he was baptized.

    Replica of his home and the church was made in 2006 “Croatian reasons for this renewal are economic nature but above all the intention to steal the Serbian genius Tesla and show him to the world as Croat and yes Vatican does play a big role on this”.

    Most people don’t know that the Croats during the second world war brutally murdered more than 500 Serbian residents of Smiljan among whom were relatives of Nikola Tesla. Those Serbs and Tesla relatives, who remained Those Serbs who remained were expelled in 1995 year in the action called “storm” like this page there are lots of stuff about Nikola Tesla.

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