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Announcing the Everything Everywhere Community Site!


Everything Everywhere Travel CommunityI’m please to announce that I have launched the new Everything Everywhere Travel Community Site!

No matter how much I travel around the world, there is no way I can ever match the knowledge and experience of the people who read this site. No matter where I go, someone (often times many people) have been there before me. They’ve been there longer, lived there or experienced different things than I have.

I wanted to create a place where the serious hardcore travelers who read this site (and there are many) could share their travel advice and stories with each other. The collective wisdom of my readers is incredible. I hope that this is place where we can tap into that wisdom and have fun talking about travel at the same time. Sites like TripAdvisor or the Lonely Planet forums are huge and rather impersonal. I waned a real community where people can get to know each other and share the advice they gathered from traveling.

I will also be providing exclusive travel tips and advice in the forum. If you have questions about travel this will be the best venue to ask them. If I don’t know the answer, the odds are good that someone else will.

Drop in and say hello!


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  1. Very cool Gary. I’ve recently been disappointed with the forums on some of the bigger sites. Curious to see how friendly and helpful this new community will be.

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