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Gutsy Women – A Traveler’s Life Lessons

Posted by on January 19, 2013

No matter how long I travel or how many places I visit, there are certain questions that I will never be able to answer. One of them is what you need to know to travel as a women. I’ve talked to many female travelers over the last several years and without question they have to deal with things I never have to consider. Thankfully, I also know many inspiring women who have spent years traveling around the world. One of them is my friend Marybeth Bond. She is an accomplished author who has been traveling her whole life and has dedicated herself to inspiring and helping women to travel.

I’m asked Marybeth to share some of the lessons she’s learned from her lifetime of travel. Here’s Marybeth….

Ask yourself: what’s a Gutsy Woman? To me, gutsy means courageous and women today are bold, brave and empowered. In terms of travel, our habits have changed too. After all, women make 80 percent of all travel decisions, and we’re on the go. We are getting off the beaten track and trekking the globe, on our own, alone and with other women. Our issues on the road are often different than a man’s experience.

Over the past thirty years I have hiked, cycled, combed, dived and kayaked my way through more than ninety countries. I traveled alone around the world for two years at the age of twenty-nine, wandered the globe with daughters and girlfriends.

Registration for the 2013 Travel Photography Tour is Now Open!

Posted by on January 18, 2013

Travel Photography Tour RouteRegistration for the 2013 Italy Travel Photography Tour is now open!

Last year the tour was the fastest selling North American tour for G Adventures and we expect this year’s tour to sell out even faster.

We’ve put a lot of effort into making this year’s tour even better.

The tour is going to consist of 2-weeks in Italy, from May 11-24, visiting many of the biggest attractions in the country: Venice, Florence, Cinque Terra, Sienna, Rome, Vatican City, Naples, Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast.

In addition to taking amazing photos and visiting some of the greatest places in Europe, we will be scheduling time throughout the trip for hands on workshops dealing with photography topics such as better understanding your camera settings and editing photos in Lightroom. We will also have morning strategy sessions so you have a better idea of what and where to shoot when you are out photographing each day. I have already photographed most of the destinations we will be visiting so I can provide some first hand advice on where to go to get some great shots.

…AND you will have an opportunity to have your photography featured on my blog as well as the G Adventure blog and our respective Facebook pages, a combined audience of over 500,000 people!

We had a wait list for last year’s tour and there is a good chance we will again. If you are interested in going you might want to reserve a spot as soon as possible. You can hold your spot for 48 hours without paying.

Total cost of the tour is $3,499 which includes 13-nights accommodation, transportation between locations in Italy, 13 breakfasts, photography instruction and guided tours in Italy.


One of the many sights you’ll see this year in Italy

The 12 Most Difficult To Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Posted by on January 16, 2013

East Rennell is one of the more difficult to visit World Heritage Sites

East Rennell is one of the more difficult to visit World Heritage Sites

As you have probably noticed, I have a fetish for visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Having visited 190 at the time of writing, I often am asked if I plan on visiting all of them.

The answer is “no” and I’m not even sure it is possible. As of 2013 there are 962 UNESCO World Heritage sites and about 1-2 dozen are added every year. It would be difficult to keep up with the new entries on the list, let alone making a dent in the 900+ already listed.

The most I know of that any one person has visited is Bill Altaffer who has been traveling for over 60 years and claims to have visited visited 808. Iain Jackson of Scottland has visited 691 world heritage sites. He has been visiting them since the 1980’s and claims that his unvisited list is now larger than it was in the 80’s just because they keep making so many.

Even extreme travelers like Jorge Sanches and Charles Velay haven’t been to more than 350 apice.

Many World Heritage Sites are easy to visit (Statue of Liberty, Paris, Rome, Westminster Abbey). However, some are extremely difficult to visit and require a determined effort to get there. There are several sites I’ve attempted to reach but failed (I’m looking at you Archaeological Sites of Bat, Al-Khutm and Al-Ayn in Oman).

It would probably take a lifetime of travel and millions of dollars to seriously attempt to visit every single one on Earth.

Even if you had the time and money, however, you’d still probably fail in your quest because some UNESCO sites are almost impossible to reach.