Tuesday Travel Update – Sore Feet in London Edition

Posted: November 6, 2012    Categories: Travel

Another big jump in geography last week as I left Bangkok for London. On the way I had a 14 hour layover in Helsinki where I stayed over night. It was my first time in Finland, but it was one of those visits that wasn’t really a visit. Technically, i was in Finland. I got my passport stamped and spent stayed there overnight, but I never even got to see daylight while I was there.

My very brief impression of Finland based on my trip from the airport to the hotel is that it is expensive, clean and very nice. The meter in my cab started at €7.70 ($9.85)! Sort of reinforced my general rule that you should avoid taking a taxi in Europe.

I definitely intend to return to Finland someday to explore the country properly.

My arrival in London also marked the end of my 40 day circumnavigation of the globe. Since late September I’ve crossed every line of longitude on Earth. My route was: BCN –> YYZ –> DEN –> LAX –> NRT –> SIN –> BKK –> HEL –> LHR.

I am in London to attend the annual World Travel Market. It is the second largest travel industry trade show in the world. The fact that isn’t the largest is sort of scary because WTM is huge. I’ll be here all week doing meetings and speaking at Social Media Market on Wednesday.

Walking around the show floor gave me incredibly sore feet yesterday. One of the downsides to wearing sandals is that my feet get very cracked and dry. Sometimes the cracks in the skin really hurt and I end up walking around with sore feet. Yesterday was such a day. Carrying my camera bag around with me all day didn’t help either.

I’ll probably be heading to Bath after London to visit the city as well as some neighboring UNESCO World Heritage sites in the area.

I have also also completed my review of my Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class flight from LAX to Singapore.


This is why I’m proud to be working with a company like G Adventures. They gathered 3 trucks full of supplies for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. They do this sort of stuff all the time and it was one of the things which makes them a great company.


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