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Monday Travel Update – Heading to Thailand Edition


Sign in AspenI spent the last week in Colorado. The first three days were spent in Denver resting from my trip to Spain and taking care of business items I had to do while I was in the US. I also got a haircut, my laundry done and did some miscellaneous shopping.

On Thursday I flew to Aspen to speak on a panel at The Meeting which is a snow sports marketing conference and film festival. I spoke on a panel with Robert Scoble and Chase Jarvis. We talked about audience building, social media and other related matters.

Today I’m in Los Angeles waiting for my flight to Bangkok. It is a really roundabout flight that will take me more than 24 hours to complete. I fly from LAX to Tokyo (14 hours), from Tokyo to Singapore (7 hours) and Singpore to Bangkok (2 hours). Given the length of the flight, I leave on the 1st and arrive on the 3rd.

Thankfully, I’ll be flying on Singapore Airlines… business class….on an A380! I haven’t flown on Singapore Airlines since 1999, but I still remember it as one of my best flight experiences ever. I flew from Taipei to Singapore. Big thanks to Singapore Airlines for making this happen.

I’ll be in Bangkok all October taking time off and working. Having visited all seven continents in 2012, I’m rather tired from all the running around I’ve been doing. I’m looking forward to just relaxing and being able to focus on writing without having to worry about catching a plane or train in the morning.

If you will be in Bangkok during October, drop me a line and we can meet up!

Sponsor Updates

G Adventures Big news from G Adventures this week. They have announced that they will be doing tours in Australia in New Zealand starting in 2013. This means that they will be providing tours on all seven continents! They are also expanding their Local Living program where you can stay in one location in a home and experience life like a local. Finally, they also announced 100% guaranteed departures. When they say a tour will start, its going to start. That means you can book tickets earlier and get better deals. Read more about all their new announcement.

TripIt We are in the final week of the $250 Amazon Gift Card giveaway. First prize is the Amazon Gift Card and a 1 year subscription to TripIt Pro. There are also 5 second place prizes which will get the 1 year TripIt Pro subscription. I’ve probably used TripIt Pro over a dozen times in the last week with all the flights I’ve had.


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