Monday Travel Update – Missing Monday Edition

Posted: April 9, 2012    Categories: Site News


I haven't visited Melbourne since 2008

I normally write a summary post of my last week of traveling every Monday. This Monday is a bit odd because I will be skipping Monday. I’m on a late flight out of Los Angeles on Sunday night and I’ll be arriving in Melbourne on Tuesday morning. Given the time of the flight and the international dateline, I’ll basically be missing Monday, April 9th.

My reason for flying to Melbourne is to speak at the Future of Tourism event for G Adventures. Thanks to incredibly fortutious timing, I’m also going to be able to attend Video Games Unplugged – Symphony of Legends which will be hosted by my good friends Scott Kurtz as well as some other guys you might know: Kris Straub and Wil Wheaton. It looks to be a fun time.

This will be my frist trip to Melbourne since I was there back in 2008. I spent an entire month in Melbourne resting and getting a new passport.

Missing Monday is too bad because Monday happens to be my assistant Amy’s birthday. Send her your birthday wishes!

I’ll be in Melbourne until the 20th when I’ll either be heading back to the US or I’ll be going to Hong Kong. I don’t know yet…….sort of the story of my life.

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