Monday’s Links for Curious People: Going to Disneyland edition

Posted: September 12, 2011    Categories: Links

Tomorrow I’m heading off to Anaheim to speak at the North American Travel Journalist Association convention in Anaheim, CA. It turns out the conference is being held next to Disneyland and the conference attendees get a pass to the parks. That means I’m going to visit Disneyland for the first time ever! I’ve been to Disney World a few times but never Disneyland.

I will also be speaking on a pannel at the conference about travel blogging with Johnny Jet, Tim Leffel and Jen Miner.

Next week I’ll be heading to Toronto for the G Adventures annual company meeting in Niagara Falls. On Sept. 27 I’ll be giving at speech at the Future of Tourism event in Toronto. After that I’ll be heading down to South America! (more on that soon)

A few weeks ago I went to Lake Tahoe to watch the filming of a video where JT Homes jumps out of an airplane and reserves a hotel while in freefall. While they did shoot multiple takes of the scene, he did actually book a room in freefall. They had to check the 3G status that high up in the air. Also, all the people around there are real guests. Other than clearing a spot on the beach, everyone around were actual guests. The guy he talks to when he lands is an actor, but that was it.


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