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Daily Travel Photo – Jerusalem

Dome of the Rock behind barbed wire, Jerusalem

Dome of the Rock behind barbed wire, Jerusalem

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  1. marvls says:

    This image is completely bogus.
    Anyone who’s familiar with this view of the Dome of the Rock knows that immedialtely next to the Old City wall (which you can see the very top of) is a Muslim cemetary , then a valley, This view is taken from the Mount of Olives on whose slopes in a Jewish cemetary. Where exactly is the barbed wire.? It’s certainly not around the Dome of the Rock to which there is general access (except to religious Jews who may wish to pray on the Temple Mount).
    This is clearly a propoganda shot.

    • Gary says:

      The barbed wire is on a wall on top of the jewish cemetery. It isn’t a propaganda shot at all. Jerusalem is the most fought over city in human history. That is all I’m trying to convey.

  2. The most powerful image I have seen this week. Great stuff.

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