My 10 Favorite Nature Sites

This the fifth installment in a series for my 4th Travelversay Celebration.

In many ways, this list was easier than creating a list of historic places. Natural sites and national parks tend to be much larger and you have to get out of the city to experience them. Most of the sites on this list were the result of going out of my way by car or boat. The total list I had to work with was smaller.

You will also notice a reverse bias from my previous lists. My other lists leaned in favor of Asia or Europe where as this list tilts in favor of North America. The fact is, North America, in particular the American West, as one of the greatest diversity of great natural attractions in the world. You have stunning mountains, canyons, deserts, rain forests and some of the largest mega fauna outside of Africa.

I have left aquatic sites like the Great Barrier Reef and Palau off of the list because they were listed on the list of my 10 favorite SCUBA diving sites.
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