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Riding the World’s Highest Zipline in Puerto Rico


A few days ago the Puerto Rico Tourism Corporation to me and some other travel writers to the Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park. The parks has 15 zip lines, monkey bridges and even had the opportunity to do some rappelling.

I had never done any of those things before, so it was new experience for me.

The highlight of the day was The Beast. It is a 4,745ft (1.45km) long zip line which is about 900 ft. above the forest floor at its highest point. The video I took was with my iphone and I was holding it vertical, so you might want to expand the video to full screen to see it properly. All image images on this page were taken with my iPhone, so they might not be up to my usual quality level.

Getting ready to ride La Bestia

Getting ready to ride La Bestia

View of The Beast's cables

View of The Beast's cables

Going down one of the smaller ziplines

Going down one of the smaller ziplines

Rappelling into the forest

Rappelling 100' into the forest

A monkey bridge crossing the valley

A monkey bridge crossing the valley

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  1. Miguel Flores says:

    This is great to hear about another atraction that we can add and promote to.our friends in the U.S.

  2. manuel roldan says:

    How about a contact number?, l’ve been trying to find this but no contact#, no addres.

  3. Melissa Mlasko says:

    Please let me know what the price for tomorrow, 4/16/2012 would be for 5 people?

  4. Christina says:

    SO COOL! I hope I get the chance to do this one day.

  5. lisa soto says:

    I just want to know the price per person.

  6. Luke says:

    My wife and I just did the Beast at Toro Verde 6 days ago. Visiting Toro was our first attempt at zip lining. We opted to do Tour 1 & 2. Tour 1 consists of 8 zips, starting at about 800ft length and 130ft above the ground. While zip 8 prepared us for the beast at 2500ft long and 650 ft high. We were ready for the beast after the first zip, but the other 7 in the tour were fantastic. Tour 2 is the beast only! I recommend this experience to anyone who visits Puerto Rico. It was about 45-60 min from San Juan. It was also an incredible drive, once you hit the hills. (I didn’t pay attention to the time since I was driving.)

  7. Michael Jameson says:

    Woah! That looked like a rush! Well done Gary! I’d love to give that a go!

  8. bem&weng says:

    Wow! that was so fun and exciting! I have tried the longest zipline in Asia found in Bukidnon, Philippines and I hope I could try this out! :)

  9. Wow that zipline looks amazing! I went to Puerto Rico last year and did my first zipline. It was incredible. I loved the thrill and excitement you get when you are “flying” through the air. I also went to Culebra for the first time and I did not want to leave. I loved the beauty and seclusion of Zoni beach. Are you going to to to Culebra while you are in Puerto Rico? I think Culebra is must for anyone visting Puerto Rico.

  10. Andi Perullo says:

    So much fun!!! I just ziplined in Mexico last week, loved it! But my fave was in Cuba.

  11. Erin ( says:

    i ziplined in costa rica, it was amazing but nothing compared to this!


  12. says:

    So cool, I had no idea the highest zip line was in PR! I’m glad you were able to get that on video:)

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