SCOTTeVEST Review and contest winner

Posted: October 5, 2010    Categories: Travel Gear

This isn’t a product review site. When I review a product I am sharing something that I either love or hate, so my reviews will tend to gravitate to the 5-start or 0-star. This review is definitely one of the former.

Like many of you, I have heard about Scottevest for a while. They are very active on Twitter, they are worn by many internet celebrities, they get cameos on TV shows, and their ads can be found all over the internet. I’ve wanted a Scottevest for sometime now and that certainly effected my review of this product.

For roughly the last several weeks I’ve been wearing my Scottevest Fleece 5.0 jacket provided to me by the Scottevest company. I took it with me to South Africa and I’m currently wearing it in Canada. It has been my go to outer garment the entire time and I’ve used almost every pocket in the jacket as storage at some point.


You don’t normally think much about a jacket. You put it on, it keeps you warm and it might look stylish. The end. It isn’t a complicated device and it isn’t something you need instructions for.

A Scottevest is different. Even though I’ve been wearing it almost a month, I am still finding new, little things I didn’t know about the jacket. Just today I realized there was an elastic band inside the main, lower right hand pocket. There is a small cloth attached with an alligator clip in the glasses pocket. There is a cord to attach your keys to in another pocket. There are small plastic tubes you can route your earbuds from your iPod.

One thing that really surprised me were the two pockets on the inside where you can put an mobile phone or an iPod. The pockets are are translucent and you can manipulate a touch screen through the material without taking the phone out. That is a really nice touch that shows that a great deal of thought was put into the design of the jacket.


The claim to fame of Scottevest are the pockets. The jacket I have is supposed to have 24 pockets on it. Honestly, I haven’t counted, but there are a lot. While I was in South Africa, several times I used my jacket as a backpack. This was a fundamental change in how I go and run around during the day. In the past I used to often bring a bag with me to put my jacket. With a Scottevest, I could eliminate the bag.

One thing Scottevest brags about is the ability to carry an iPad with you. I can in fact confirm that this is true. Several times I have gone out with my iPad tucked into my Scottevest. The nice part about carrying your iPad this way is that you can be very discrete about it. A backpack says “I’m carrying something” where as tucking something inside your jacket doesn’t really say much at all.

It can feel a bit cumbersome to walk around with multiple pockets full of stuff, but that should be expected. One thing which I didn’t expect is how little you can notice that your pockets are full. Someone might notice a bit of bulge, but they would probably not guess you have multiple pockets full of stuff.


One thing I always look for in any travel gear I buy is multiple usages. The primary pants I bring with me when I travel are zip off travel pants, precisely because they have multiple pockets and can convert to shorts. Scottevests are really the only good option I’ve seen for an upper body equivalent of the pants I’ve been wearing for 3.5 years. In addition to the pockets, many of the Scottevest jackets have removable sleeves so they can convert to a vest.

Scottevests are now my outer garment of choice. The jacket I have been wearing was a fleece, which can be a bit heavy in warmer weather and too light for really cold weather. It was however, great for spring in South Africa and fall in Canada. I might buy a lighter jacket for trips to warmer climates as my next purchase. I haven’t seen any of their other products first hand, but I’d also at least consider their pants and shirts. I have heard they are considering getting into the bag business, which I’d at least be interested in seeing when they hit the market.

Also, closed circuit communication to Scott Jordan, I’d love to see a Scottevest travel wallet.

I highly recommend Scottevest jackets, at least the Fleece 5.0 I’ve been wearing. Not only do I recommend it, I’ve been showing it off to most people I meet the last few weeks and if you see me during the next few months, including at Blog World, most likely I will be wearing it.

Contest Winner

Last but not least, the winner of the $100 credit to the Scottevest store as determined by is…

Mark Glidden

Mark has been contacted by email and will get $100 to spend in the Scottevest store.

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