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Read my first article for the Huffington Post

Posted by on August 23, 2010

I’ve published my first article for the Huffington Post today. Please check it out and leave a comment!

20 Things I’ve Learned From Traveling Around the World for Three Years

On March 13, 2007, I handed over the keys to my house, put my possessions in storage and headed out to travel around the world with nothing but a backpack, my laptop and a camera.

Three and a half years and 70 countries later, I’ve gotten the equivalent of a Ph.D in general knowledge about the people and places of Planet Earth.

Here are some of the things I’ve learned:

1) People are generally good. Many people are afraid of the world beyond their door, yet the vast majority of humans are not thieves, murderers or rapists. They are people just like you and me who are trying to get by, to help their families and go about living their lives. There is no race, religion or nationality that is exempt from this rule. How they go about living their lives might be different, but their general goals are the same….


Announcing the Everything Everywhere Travel Forums!

Posted by on August 21, 2010

Forum ScreenshotI’d like to formally announce the Everything Everywhere Travel Forum!

This hasn’t really been much of a secret if you have been following me on Twitter or Facebook the last two weeks. I’ve been inviting other bloggers to participate in the forum to try to get things off the ground. Already there are over 150 people registered on the site, and I haven’t had a single bit of spam get past the goalie. (crosses fingers)

My goal in creating the forum was several fold:

  • Didn’t like the status quo. I wasn’t happy with many of the current forums dedicated to travel. Some have been around a long time and just died out. Some have horrible software which makes it hard to follow. Some are hosted by huge companies which means you have tons of people who pop in for one question and then leave. You also have no idea who anyone is.
  • Social media isn’t good for serious discussion. Many people think that Twitter and Facebook are killing off forums. I am certainly very bullish on both Twitter and Facebook, but they both have their limitations. Facebook is so walled off it is hard to have a discussion that is open to and visible to everyone. The 140 character limit on Twitter makes it impossible to have a real discussion about important issues. A forum solves both problems. It is visible and open to everyone, and it allows for posts beyond 140 characters to discuss issues in depth.
  • Community. I wanted a place where people could ask questions about travel and have them answered by real travelers who have been there and done that. I haven’t been everywhere, but between the entire of the travel blogosphere, I think the world is pretty much covered.


Buh Bye Newfoundland

Posted by on August 20, 2010

My Route in Newfoundland

My Route in Newfoundland

I’m currently in Guysborough, Nova Scotia as a guest of Authentic Seacoast Resorts. I wish I had more time to spend here because it is a beautiful little town and it would be an excellent place to just come for a short vacation.

My Newfoundland part of the trip is over and even though I still have a quite a lot of driving ahead of me, the stretches shouldn’t be as long as what I’ve had so far. The highlights of my time in Newfoundland would have to be L’anse aux Meadows and Gros Morne National Park. L’anse aux Meadows is the location of the first European presence by Vikings around the year 1,000 AD. Gros Morne is a vastly underrated park which in many ways reminded me of New Zealand, especially Milford Sound. I plan on doing separate posts on each location at a later date.

I spent last night on the ferry from Newfoundland. I took the 5 hour ferry to Port aux Basque to get the Newfoundland and the 15 hour ferry from Argentia to get back. In theory, the ferry had internet, but in reality is was far worse than dial up. I have a hard time complaining, however, about the quality of internet while I’m in the middle of the ocean and the bits are being bounced from geosynchronous orbit and back. (more…)

Project Pringles: Update #3

Posted by on August 20, 2010

Japanese PringlesIt is time once again for the crispiest, most homogenous, artificially flavored update in the world: Project Pringles! If you are not familiar with the project, I’m attempting to document, with the help of other world travelers, every flavor of Pringles in the world. Pringles are, I believe, the most widespread snack food on Earth.

If you would like to participate it is very simple: just check the Project Pringles page to see if the flavor you’ve found has already been submitted. If it hasn’t, take a photo of the can and email it to me (gary (at) If you are the first to submit a flavor, I’ll give you credit and if applicable, a link to your website.

I know there are many missing flavors from Japan, Korea and China. If you are in those countries or plan to visit soon, keep an eye out at the convenience store.

Also, in other Pringles related news, fellow travel blogger Debbie Dubrow found that Pringles cans make for a cheap children’s toy when you are on a flight. (more…)