Announcing the Everything Everywhere Travel Forums!

Posted: August 21, 2010    Categories: Site News

Forum ScreenshotI’d like to formally announce the Everything Everywhere Travel Forum!

This hasn’t really been much of a secret if you have been following me on Twitter or Facebook the last two weeks. I’ve been inviting other bloggers to participate in the forum to try to get things off the ground. Already there are over 150 people registered on the site, and I haven’t had a single bit of spam get past the goalie. (crosses fingers)

My goal in creating the forum was several fold:

  • Didn’t like the status quo. I wasn’t happy with many of the current forums dedicated to travel. Some have been around a long time and just died out. Some have horrible software which makes it hard to follow. Some are hosted by huge companies which means you have tons of people who pop in for one question and then leave. You also have no idea who anyone is.
  • Social media isn’t good for serious discussion. Many people think that Twitter and Facebook are killing off forums. I am certainly very bullish on both Twitter and Facebook, but they both have their limitations. Facebook is so walled off it is hard to have a discussion that is open to and visible to everyone. The 140 character limit on Twitter makes it impossible to have a real discussion about important issues. A forum solves both problems. It is visible and open to everyone, and it allows for posts beyond 140 characters to discuss issues in depth.
  • Community. I wanted a place where people could ask questions about travel and have them answered by real travelers who have been there and done that. I haven’t been everywhere, but between the entire of the travel blogosphere, I think the world is pretty much covered.

Forums can be very tricky to launch. If you don’t have a critical mass of people, they can easily die. If you can get that critical mass, then they can be an amazing resource.

Rather than working against Twitter and Facebook, I’m going to try and tie the forums as close as I can to each service. Currently I have Facebook integration set up. You can register or login to the site in just two clicks using your Facebook account. You can also “Like” individual threads to share them with your friends. I hope to have integration with Twitter set up shortly as well.

I’m also going to implement features to make it very blogger friendly. 1) I am only going to run ads for products from other bloggers on the forum. 2) Registered users can put dofollow links in their signature. 3) Bloggers will have the ability to answer questions and introduce themselves to other travelers. The more active you are, the greater the benefits.

Personally, I also try to avoid talking about the business of blogging on this site. I’ll be using the forum to discuss issues like travel blogging and answer travel questions.

Please take a few seconds to register, ask a question if you have any, and leave a comment if you have something to say.

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