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Welcome to the new home, same as the old home

Over the last few months I had been having issues with my web hosting provider because I was getting too much traffic. On several occasions I was getting so much I was bringing the server down. This weekend my site was down for several hours and it reached a point where I had to find a new place to host my website.

If you are reading this, then you are at my new home at They claim to be able to handle large spikes in traffic easily, so we will see if they can perform as advertised. The process of moving a website is never fun. I want to thank John Berns here in Bangkok who helped me move the database last night. My knowledge of the technical side of things ends at MySQL, and I couldn’t have made the move yesterday if it wasn’t for him.

I’d also like to mention my photo hosting and how much I love them. If I had still been trying to host my own photos, this would have been an nightmare of epic proportions. Keeping my images on Smugmug means that I didn’t have to do a thing with any of the thousands of images or links I have on my blog.

One some related news: I’ve a photo column I’ve been doing with the Washington Times Online. I have a new photo essay up on the recent protests in Thailand. You can also view my previous photo essay on visiting Fiji. Please leave a comment on the site if you like it.

Also, I had 184 entries for the contest from Frommer’s for the two travel computer bags. I selected two random numbers from and the winners were:

  • Prize #1: Echo Laptop Backpack: Lily Kwan
  • Prize #2: Delta 17 Laptop Sleeve: Gina

Congratulations to both. Notification emails have been sent.

Don’t forget about the $800 JVC Video Camera contest I am running until March 31.

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  1. I can say that Bangkok is one of the nicest place in Asia. I have been there and i totally enjoyed every minute of being there.

  2. John Berns says:

    It was a good time… seriously. Sitting in a nice cafe in Bangkok with laptops, watching the crazy world go by, good conversation and some serious database geeking… does life get any better than that? ;-)

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