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Daily Travel Photo – South Island, New Zealand

Fox Glacier, New Zealand

Fox Glacier, New Zealand

Click on the image to see a much larger version. Note the man in the lower left hand part of the image for scale. He is dwarfed by the ice.

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  1. Krista says:

    Oh wow, it must have been stunning in person!!

  2. Jan says:

    Fox Glacier appears to be another victim of global warming. It certainly appears a lot smaller than it was when my husband and I were there in the late 1990s. Hope you didn’t spend too much time in nearby Graymouth.

  3. Jan says:

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  4. If you are in Rome now, why not come to the Wedding of theTrees in Vetralla on Fri. 8th May . We are expecting a London based photographer too for this very photogenic -little known- festival. Read about it on my Italian notes page of We are near World Heritage sites of Tarquinia & Cerveteri.

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