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Buming Around in the Footsteps of Caesar and Alexander

I spent most of today walking the streets of Alexandria. There is no better way to get to know a city than to walk around for a day and get lost in the process. In some ways, I find Alexandria really depressing. This is a city where almost every building is 100 years old and […]

Daily Travel Photo – Coober Pedy, South Australia

This very alien looking surface isn’t Mars, it is the Breakaways in South Australia. An extremely flat, rock strewn stretch of land which is very similar in composition and color to the photos returned by Martian landers. Note the moon in the upper left, which I thought made for an interesting contrast: moon and the […]


I’ve arrived in Alexandria. My first reaction is that I like it a lot more than Cairo. It isn’t as busy, dirty or crowded. Also, I have yet to have anyone “welcome” me to Egypt and try to sell me crap. I’m staying about 2 blocks from the Mediterranean Sea, in a hotel which would […]

Questions & Answers #3

@cyberdyne Have you considered changing your twitter icon as you travel to represent where you are ? I made a conscious decision to keep my avatar the same. In fact, I use the exact same photo on every network I belong. People recognize images before they read names. The Easter Island photo I think is […]

Daily Travel Photo – Majuro, Marshall Islands

This photo will require some explaining… The one part of the Marshall Islands which most people have heard of is the Bikini Atoll. Not only is it the namesake of the bikini swimsuit, it was also a location where the United States did above ground nuclear tests after World War II. It was the location […]

First Thoughts on Egypt

I haven’t really written anything since I’ve arrived in Egypt. Usually when I arrive in a new place it takes a while to adjust to things. That adjustment period can be as short as an hour or as long as a few days. Egypt has taken a lot longer than normal. While it is ostensibly […]

Daily Travel Photo – Solomon Islands

This is the old “port” on the island of Rennell where the boats used to land to bring supplies to the island. It is really nothing more than a beach near an opening in the reef. Getting to the beach is about a 300 foot climb down very steep steps. The new boat landing has […]

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