Win My Stuff – November 2008 Contest

Posted: November 1, 2008    Categories: Site News

I can share photo and stories with you as I travel, but it is difficult to share stuff.

I have a way to rectify this…

I’m running a contest for the month of November. Over the next month, I’ll be buying items in Vietnam, Laos and Thailand, and I have already purchased some gifts in Cambodia If you have suggestions for things I should buy, leave them in the comments. At the end of the month, I’ll be sending these items to five lucky readers. In addition, I will also be giving away five copies of the Indie Travel Guide to Europe ebook by Craig Martin.

On December 1, I’ll be picking winners via and shipping out the goods. I will most probably be mailing the items from Bangkok, Thailand.

How to Enter

1) Subscribe – Once a week during the month of November, a special code will be sent to subscribers at the bottom of a regular blog post. You will only be able to see this code if you have subscribed via RSS or subscribe via email. If you are already a subscriber, you don’t have to do anything. If you haven’t, just register for my RSS feed, or if you don’t use RSS you can subscribe by email. You will be able to enter four times during the month via RSS.

2) Link – Make a blog post linking to this page and mentioning the contest OR just cut and paste the code for one of the premade buttons I’ve created. You can earn two entries for a blog post and two more for installing a button. You can email me with the URL showing the link, or I will probably be notified from Google or Technorati. If you have multiple domain names, you can enter this way multiple times.

So there it is. If you’d like to add to the prize list, feel free to drop me an email and I’ll make mention of it. I’ll be making posts about once a week as I buy more stuff.

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