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Seagull and Rainbow in Milford Sound, New Zealand

Seagull and Rainbow, Milford Sound, New Zealand

Seagull and Rainbow, Milford Sound, New Zealand

In honor of my Seven Wonders of New Zealand, today’s photo is probably the one photo I’ve taken which belongs on a motivational poster. If you notice, you have a seagull, a rainbow and a waterfall. Those from the Successories Corporation who wish to contact me can do so via email.

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  1. Ellen says:

    This picture makes me want to go back to Milford Sound. When I was there it was so foggy you could barely see 5 feet in front of you and yet it was still beautiful. New Zealand is a great country.

  2. radbadnomad says:

    Incredible photo Gary. Did you learn photography along the way on this trip or have you had prior experience?

    • Gary Arndt says:

      I knew nothing about photography before my trip. I have never read a book or taken a course. I've learned everything via taking lots and lots of photos. I cringe at some of my early photos from my trip, especially in Hawaii. I'm slowly getting better. I think i've taken close to 20,000 photos on my trip.

  3. MLRebecca says:

    Are you positive that is not a postcard? It is an incredible photo. The kind of photo that requires instrumental music playing in the background while looking at it! I knew that New Zealand was beautiful, but this photo really inspires me to visit there soon! Thanks for posting!

  4. kari says:

    ha! very nice shot, even though it does belong on a calendar.

    i absolutely love what you are doing, i am sortof following suit. thanks for being inspirational.

  5. klew says:

    You should just make your own motivational poster using

  6. It's almost a Jonathan Livingston Seagull moment. I especially love the rainbow.

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