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Gary is currently in Grand Chute, WI (May 22nd, 2015)

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(Literally) Stuck in Penang

If you haven’t been watching the news, there are political protests going on in Thailand right now. The protesters in Phuket took over the airport and train station, which means I am sort of stranded in Penang for at least another day. Even Bangkok is shut down, so that isn’t an option either. I’ve contacted […]

Stuck in Penang

My few days in Penang has sort of turned into a week in Penang. Penang is an interesting place and not quite like anything else I’ve experienced in my travels so far. Penang (along with Malaka) was recently inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Penang is an old port of the British East India […]

Colorful buses in Pago Pago, American Samoa

Some of the very colorful buses you find in American Samoa. You can also see similar buses in Western Samoa.

Water falling off the walls of Milford Sound, New Zealand

When I visited Milford Sound in New Zealand, it had been raining for 24 hours before I arrived. The walls of the fjord were covered with small waterfalls like these, and the large waterfalls were gushing with water.

The London Bridge formation on the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

The London Bridge formation on the Great Ocean Road, Victoria. The gap between the rocks was connected, but collapsed in January of 1990.

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