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Gary is currently in Grand Chute, WI (May 22nd, 2015)

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Daily Travel Photo – Kosrae, Micronesia

These are part of the ruins of Menka, an ancient burial complex on the island of Kosrae. It is located in the center of the island and was an hour walk through rainforest to get there. If it looks like a pile of stones…..well, it sort of is.

Daily Travel Photo – Vigan, Philippines

View from the bell tower, St. Augustine’s Church, Vigan, Philippines.

Going Outback

Tomorrow morning I leave for three days in the bush. I’ll be sleeping outside under the stars. This three day trip was cheaper than a two day trip, so I figured “why not?” I get back on Friday and I hope to be in Singapore by Monday. As far as I can tell, flights to […]

Daily Travel Photo – Dili, East Timor

This isn’t the greatest quality photo. I took it out the window of a moving taxi. It is the new government palace in East Timor. It is being built by the Chinese. There were many many projects I saw throughout the Pacific and Asia where the Chinese were funding projects, and letting everyone know about […]

Daily Travel Photo – Okinawa, Japan

I saw this on Okinawa. I have no clue what it is. If anyone in Japan or who has been to Japan can tell me what a giant baby pickle is all about, I’d appreciate it.

Alice Springs

I’ve made it to Alice Springs. From Coober Pedy to Alice Springs was about 850km (510 mi). In that distance there were zero towns, cities, villages or communities on the road. None. There were three road houses where you could buy fuel, but that’s it. North of Alice Springs it is pretty much the same. […]

Daily Travel Photo – Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Me taking a photo of a giant wrasse in the Great Barrier Reef. Notice my totally ripped leg muscles. This photo was obviously not taken by me, but by Peter Mooney, my underwater photographer guide for the day.

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