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Disaster Averted

Safe in Minnesota (by Everything Everywhere)

Everything safe and sound in the good ol’ USA

After two weeks of anxiety, indigestion and near heart attacks, my photos have finally arrived safely in Minnesota. Once they had the information they “needed”, everything took 2 days, which I must say is way faster than I thought it would take. You can witness the route it took here.

My last few days in Cairns has been pretty boring. I’ve been working on correcting some problems on my website. As you probably know, I’m a big Flickr user. All my photos are hosted on Flickr and I use their bandwidth and storage instead of mine to lower the costs of hosting. I’ve recently discovered a problem with Flickr that is sort of a deal breaker as far as I’m concerned.

Despite all the photos I put on my site, they don’t exist on my site as far as Google is concerned. This is because the image is hosted on Flickr. If someone searches for images, they will go to Flickr instead of my website. Based on sites similar to mine, I estimate there are about 2,000-5,000 visits per week that don’t come to my website because I don’t show up on Google.

I’ve been making copies of all the daily photos and putting copies on my site. You wont notice a difference, but the spiders searching my site will. It is time consuming, but I only have to do it once.

I’m also thinking of moving all my photos off Flickr and bringing it in house for exactly this reason. I’ll have a pay a bit more in hosting, but I think it will be worth it. I will be able to mirror some files on Flickr so I can still submit to groups and let other people on Flickr see them, but the primary resting place will be on my server. I have found a few of my images on Google Image search, but Flickr hosted images seems to not be given as high of a priority.

This sort of stuff is the downside of running a website while traveling. If you are traveling (like I have been the last 2 weeks) you aren’t doing anything with the site (writing stories, putting in new photos, etc). If you are working on the site, you aren’t traveling. I’ll be going to Papua New Guinea soon and I’m not planning on having much in the way of internet access while I’m there, so I’m planning ahead.

I’m hoping to have this done in a few hours, then I’m going to try to even out my farmer tan. My limbs and head are very dark, everything else…..not so much.

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  1. Cole says:

    That’s pretty fast mail! I can imagine you are relieved.

    Speaking of routes and slightly off topic, do you have a map of the route you’ve taken so far?

  2. Gary says:

    Flickr images do get indexed. They just get very low priority on image searches. Try searching for popular terms. See how many Flickr images show up.

    I did a fair amount of investigation to make sure this was correct. I found enough examples and other people who echoed the same thing to satisfy myself.

  3. My images do appear indexed by G on my site when inserted through the Flickr Manager plugin, it’s really convenient and practical way for me to use.

  4. Gary says:

    I do it by hand. If you look at the source for the page, I have some HTML for a table I put the Flickr image into. I keep the HTML for inline photos and daily photos in a txt file on my desktop and just cut and paste for every image.

  5. Glad to hear your photos are all safe. By the way, what wordpress plugin are you using when posting flickr photos? I think there is a plugin that you can use like “Flickr Manager”

  6. W says:

    Glad your photos got home safe and sound!

  7. Janet says:

    Very interesting that you chose that piece to write about -I’m interested in trying to find a digital camera -for myself -and hadn’t noticed this as a place to get information, etc. Thanks for a nice timely post!

  8. Gary says:

    I hadn’t heard of it until you mentioned it. I’ll look into it. If nothing else, it would make for some neat photos it seems.

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