Disaster Update

Posted: April 18, 2008    Categories: Site News

Cloudscape - Pohnpei, FSM (by Everything Everywhere)

If I had lost the original of this photo, tears would have flowed.

Good News: My photos are not lost forever.

Bad News: They are sitting in the same FedEx/Kinkos where I dropped them off on April 7. in Sydney,

My friend Amy, to whom the photos were addressed to, got a call from Australia yesterday at 2am saying the package was not sent because there was a form which wasn’t filled out.

When I went though my mental list of things which could have gone wrong, “didn’t fill out the correct forms” was certainly on the list of things I considered. However, that was something they would have realized almost immediately and I figured they would contact me right away if that was the case. Because I hadn’t been contacted in over a week, I assumed that the “form” excuse couldn’t be one of the possible explanations. I also thought that they might scan in the package and list “package is held” as its status, notifying me there was a problem. I guess I assumed too much…

What bothers me is that I filled out all the forms which they gave me. International packages have to go through customs, so in addition to the normal FedEx form I filled out a customs form and a special form for sending videos…even though I wasn’t sending videos

I am also not in, or anywhere near, Sydney anymore.

I’ve sent an email to the store asking them to send me an electronic copy of the form I have to fill out so I can fax it to them. No reply so far (but then again, its only 7:45am).

In other news, in a few hours I’ll be taking off in a seaplane to the Great Barrier reef. We’ll land out on the reef where I’ll be transferred to a boat for the ride back, along with snorkeling and lunch. Tomorrow, I leave Airlie Beach and continue the drive to Cairns. I’ll be making at least one, if not more, stops at national parks along the way in the Wet Rainforest of Queensland World Heritage Area.

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