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Gary is currently in Grand Chute, WI (May 22nd, 2015)

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Off to Tas!

I’m off to Tasmania today for four days. I’ll be pretty busy while I”m there so I can’t promise many updates. I’m going to cram in as much as I can while I’m there. Once I get back I’ll try to fly to Lord Howe Island for a few days, then head up to Brisbane. […]

Mungo National Park

A panorama photo of the Lake Mungo Basin. Click to view a larger image. My trip to Mungo was something I almost didn’t do. To explain why, I need to back up a bit…. One of the fundamental decisions you have to make (over and over) when you are on a trip like mine is […]

About Gary Arndt

My name is Gary Arndt. In March 2007 I set out to travel around the world...
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