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Daily Photo – Rotorura, New Zealand

Tree changing colors, Rotorua, New Zealand

Tree changing colors, Rotorua, New Zealand

I was in New Zealand in June when Autumn was in full swing. This is in the city park in Rotorura, where you can see hot springs and boiling pools of mud.

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  1. Phillip says:

    What a beautiful shot!

  2. Flug says:

    So beautiful. How many degrees has it been down there during your stay? I am dreaming of warm days in autumn, there is nothing more beatiful! Great shot!

  3. Cole says:

    i love the autumn colours!

  4. urbanswirl says:

    We were in Rotorua in Jan 2007. We visited Hell’s Gate – love the Active Geothermal park! Brought back great memories!

  5. alu581 says:

    Rotorua’s a nice place. I’ve been there…it’s been a while though. Would like to go back for a visit. New Zealand’s a very picturesque country with warm and very friendly people.

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