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The Big Mac(Donald’s) Update

McDonald’s in Okinawa Since I last did a McDonald’s update, I’ve gained a lot of readers. For those who are new, I try to eat at a McDonald’s restaurant in every country I visit. McDonald’s in every country are just a little bit different as they adjust the menu to fit local tastes. Eating at […]

Java Man

I did two of the things on my “to do” list in Java already. Tomorrow I’m going to see the excavation site and museum where they found Java man. Unlike my other tours which were really cheap, this is going to cost a bit more because I have to hire a driver for the day […]

In Indonesia, I Am A Rockstar

Look for me in the March 2008 edition of Indonesia Tiger Beat Today I visited Borobudur and Parambanan. But I’m not going to talk about that right now. That will be for another time when I can go through the photos and do them justice. I’m going to talk about all the kids I met […]

Daily Travel Photo – Rarotonga, Cook Islands

The parliament building of the Cook Islands. Located strategically across the street from the airport. Ample parking available.

That Is Some Good Java

I’m alive in Yogyakarta in central Java. I did the most dangerous thing on my trip today. I flew an Indonesian discount airline. The flight from Jakarta to Yogyakarta was $29 with taxes. The plane was packed, and they fly pretty much on the hour. Pramabanan and Borobudur are the two big ruins nearby. Either […]

It’s Good To Be The Sultan

You cannot discuss Brunei without talking about the Sultan of Brunei. Not talking about the Sultan is like not talking about an elephant in the middle of the room. Brunei is the Sultan and the Sultan is Brunei. It is a form of government unlike anything in the world today. The Sultan is one of […]

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