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Daily Travel Photo – Savai’i, Samoa

Southern Cross, Savai'i, Samoa

Southern Cross, Savai'i, Samoa

This is a long exposure shot of the Southern Cross taken in Samoa. The light on the palm tree is ambient light from a near by building. The exposure was about 30 seconds. I adjusted the exposure in Photoshop to make the palm tree more apparent, and that also brought out more stars.

The Southern Cross is on the flag of Samoa.

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  1. Pete says:

    Can I use your starry night in Samoa photo for an article I'm writing. I will cite you as the source.

  2. Poima says:

    Really love this pic of the Southern Cross, I guess especially because it is taken in Samoa!! LOL!Surely makes me miss home more. Somehow, I have always contended..that looking at the night sky(from Samoa…hahaha) one sees more stars than the eye can behold. The night sky is more clear…the stars more numerous and brighter…(seeing it more through “Samoan eyes”..LOL!) Great to see a beautiful picture of the Southern Cross a trans-navigational compass. of travel by the ancestors…the Proto-Polynesians of yore.Thanks ever so much for sharing this! Cheers to your traveling the globe!
    Fa'afetai tele lava ma 'Ia Manuia!

  3. Cole says:

    this is amazing. like a postcard but much much better

  4. Margaret says:

    What an awesome photo! Thanks for sharing it with me!


  5. kevin says:

    I can’t get enough starry sky pictures.

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