Bali Postcard Contest

Posted: January 30, 2008    Categories: Asia, Indonesia

OK lurkers, it’s that time again. Time for postcards from exotic places.

My last postcard extravaganza was back when I was in Palau. This time I’ll be sending postcards from Bali.

I have two objectives in doing this: First, I’m trying to flush out people who read and never comment. It is nice to know who is actually visiting your site. Second, I’d like to increase the number of RSS subscribers.

You just need to do the following:

1) Sign up to get updates via RSS or email. If you haven’t done it already, click on the links on the top of the column on the left. Make sure to do this.

2) Send an email to with “Bali Postcard Contest” in the subject.

3) Include your name and an address where I can send the postcard. It can be a PO Box, your work, whatever. I don’t keep a mailing list, I just need the address to send the postcard. Remember to put your country on the address.

4) Tell me how you first found the site and what you like/hate about it. Anything really. Remember, I travel alone so I enjoy getting email from people who read the site. If there is anything you think I should see/do in Australia, let me know. I got several good tips from people on what to see in Japan from my last contest.

I’ll use to pick 20 people to send postcards to, so you’re odds are not bad. I’ll also pick an additional 3 people to send some small knick-knacks to. This will be something small like a necklace or a bracelet which I can buy from local vendors. I’ll send the winners an email asking them what sort of thing they’d like.

The contest will be running until I leave Bali, which I’m guessing will be in about a week, so the earlier you send me an email the better.

Also, while I’m on the self promotion train, if you haven’t already, take a few seconds and vote for me at The 2008 Bloggers Choice Awards.

I’m off to Kuta beach and going to arrange my trip to go see the Komodo Dragons.

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