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Gary is currently in Appleton, WI (May 15th, 2015)

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My Hawaii Plans

Here is what I plan to do with my time in civilization: Go see The Simpsons movie Go see the Bourne Ultimatum Get the new Dune novel on Tuesday (Screw Harry Potter. This has been decades in the making) Get a new lens for my camera Get an extra laptop battery Get some computer games […]


Yesterday, I was refused entry into the nation of Kiribati. You read that right. They wouldn’t let me into the country. The reason is one for the ages…..the ink used by the pen of the official in the Kiribati Embassy bled off the visa stamp (which was visible), so I was denied entry. THE INK […]

Do You Do Nauru?

One ticket to the smallest country in the world please… I’m sitting at the Honiara Airport (which amazingly enough has wireless) waiting for my flight on Our Airlines (former Air Nauru). I’m not going to get a chance to do many posts on Nauru, so I might as well take the opportunity while I can. […]

Pronounced Kee-ree-bas

I’m off to Kiribati in a few hours, with a short stop over in Nauru. At most, I hope to get a Nauru passport stamp. I’ll be there for four days before I leave, again, for Fiji and Tuvalu. Then it’s on to Hawai’i on August 14. I hope to have my Rennell update finished […]

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